Sometimes disputes between parties can only be effectively resolved after both sides have presented their cases in a contested trial or hearing. Mary Therese Doheny and David J. Wessel are each experienced trial attorneys with particular focus in family law.

Collaborative Practice

The Law Firm of Wessel & Doheny offers legal collaborative solutions for marriage dissolution, child custody and parenting issues. Collaborative practice resolves disputes without relying on the court system, and maintains all individual's dignity and respect, through open communication and information sharing. Both parties in collaborative practices have attorneys in the negotiation process, and the team approach allows for the assistance of financial, personal coaches and child custody specialists. The collaboative process eases the psychological strains on a family.


Wessel & Doheny offers the services of experienced and trained mediators. Mediated divorce and custody resolutions focus on the choices of the spouses and/or parents as the primary deciders of the issues in their lives and the lives of their children. A neutral third party, the mediator, helps couples focus the issues between themselves, facilitates their communication, identifies solutions and brokers compromise by engaging with the couple in their communication efforts.


When individuals are facing problems alone, or cannot get others to share responsibility for the solution of problems, consultation services help an individual identify means of addressing problems and plan healthy responses and long-term resolution strategies.

Child Representation

Occasionally, the Court may appoint an attorney to represent the best interests of minor children who are the subject of divorce or custody litigation. Both Mary Therese Doheny and David J. Wessel have extensive experience in this area, and are often appointed by the Court in this capacity, representing the child's unique interests from an independent perspective through the conclusion of the litigation.